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Location based social networking. Sweet!

Locle is a new mobile phone application that lets users see where their friends and family are without the need for GPS or mobile network operator location based services. Locle integrates with social application platforms such as Facebook, Bebo and MySpace to bring web-like social networking functionality to the phone.


One minute registration from the web or your phone. Sign me up!

Spread the Word

Get you and your Facebook, Bebo and MySpace friends on Locle and see where you are in the world.

Never loose your buddies again!

Make sure you're never in the dark with the location of your bubbies and family.

Still not clear?

So let me get this straight...You guys can find out where we are just using phones?

Sort of, yeah. We use a mix of cell towers and GPS (when available) to determine you are and then we plot that location so your buddies can find you.

What's the catch?

And how much does it cost? Or are you another one of those cool web companies that gives stuff away?

Locle is free to register for and the applications are free to download. You may be charged data costs from your mobile operator but that's your beef with them buddy!